Monday, May 21, 2007

le couple

i started writing now,...
firstly i will tell about my past life..,
i graduated 5 years ago,when i met my first true love of my life..
i met her at my school bazaar,she is younger about 2 years from me..then i started a serious relationship with her. in my heart i do really love her so much, but her parents was against us,against our relationship...they said u have nothing, and still can u take care of my daughter, i dont believe you. after u have a car, big house then u can come to look after my that time im still working, im working hard...i want to marry her coz she is my only love. then we started backstreet,but wont last long enough after my girlfriend was surrender..she said he can do this should looking for antoher girl..
i waste my 4 years time just for this silly answer???oh my good...then we split up...

Friday, May 11, 2007


my name is hendry, welcome to my first blog ever..hehe...
since i've just started my new blog, i need a comments and revies for all of blogger..
my blog is expressions of my feeling, that people in the world, all mankind and other are have their couple. so u should respect your couple and be honest with them.